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The 100 List

What is the Make Life Happy™ 100 List? It is our list of 100 things you can easily do to make your life happy and make yourself more remarkable!

These simple ideas can brighten your day, inspire you, bring you motivation and help ignite the spark inside you waiting to be lit.

Pick 10

If you were to only pick 10 things to really, really attempt on this list we know without a doubt it would, in many ways make your life happier.

Pick 10 ideas randomly every month and give them a try. What have you got to loose? Sadness and dispair? Get happy!


Many of these ideas seem vague without much detail. The ideas highlighted with a link will direct you to another page that will provide you with greater insight into the idea.

"Strive to be YOUR best, not always THE best." Curtis D. Tucker

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1. Buy a cup of lemonade from every lemonade stand you pass.

2. Smile first, smile often.

3. Encourage everyone and help others get what they want.

4. Attend funerals, weddings and graduations, your presence will be remembered.

5. Promise to keep your promises.

6. Always give more than is expected, under promise - over deliver.

7. Pay attention to others and listen without saying a word until they are completely done speaking.

8. Wear old sneakers every chance you get.

9. Only ride roller coasters with your hands up. Scream the entire time.

10. Create a to do list and accomplish every task quickly without any interruptions.

11. Tip a great waiter 30% and tell the manager that it was the best service you've ever had.

12. Burn candles while taking a hot bubble bath.

13. Keep a hidden twenty in your wallet and only give it to someone in need. Replace it often.

14. Learn to say no to being on boards, performing extra projects, unwanted invitations and people that waste your time.

15. Everything you own is just stuff. Stuff breaks. Don't take it to seriously.

16. Stop complaining, stop using negative words, stop yelling at other drivers.

17. Learn how to remember peoples names.

18. Appreciate every person that plays a role in your life, acknowledge them and reward them.

19. Clean out a closet and donate at least 10 items to a charity and give one to a close friend.

20. Buy a fresh Christmas tree, hang candy canes on it.

21. Record a happy voice message and remind people to have a great day.

22. Know that you can do anything you set your mind to, and it starts when you take action.

23. Find a mentor or be a mentor. Teach others what you know.

. Avoid negative people, search for happy, inspirational friends.

25. Pick up lucky pennies and save them in a jar. Apply them towards a dream.

. Do what you love by turning a hobby into a business one step at a time.

27. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary in your business and in your relationships.

. Set goals, write them down, read them daily.

29. Meditate daily, visualize your dreams, goals and wishes.

. Buy a plant, name it, water it, talk to it, set it by the window.

31. Stop and enjoy rainbows.

. Always dress up on Halloween and eat at least one piece of candy corn.

33. Keep hot chocolate and marshmallows in your cupboard.

34. Make three wishes. Strive for one, hope for two, dream for all three.

35. Crank up your car heater on a cold day and drive with the back windows down.

36. Order a food you've never tried before at a restaraunt you've never eaten at before.

37. Don't forget anniversaries or birthdays, write them down.

38. Stay and listen to the music at the end of the movie. Read the credits. Leave last.

39. Pay for the dinner of a complete stranger without even telling them.

40. Take a walk on a cool Fall day and take a picture of the most colorful tree you find.

41. Sleep naked on flannel sheets.

42. Watch a great movie under a blanket on the couch, doors open, while its raining outside.

43. Tell stories to great friends on a cool night while sitting around a campfire.

44. Take a drive in the country with your windows down, stop the car at dusk and listen to the silence.

45. Swim naked in the ocean on a warm summer night and then lay in the sand. Watch out for crabs.

46. Compliment others often. Learn to take a compliment.

47. Don't let others take advantage of you. Stand up for yourself.

. Eat breakfast outside every chance you get.

49. Read the paper from front to back without skipping any articles or ads.

50. Visit Disney World or Disney Land at least once.

51. On a weekend, stay up late in your pajamas and look at old photos you haven't seen in at least five years.

52. Hug people more often. Look people in the eye. Toast every time you have a drink.

53. Money, fame and looks create status not happiness, strive for happiness.

54. Stay healthy with excercise, your life can only be as active as your body will allow.

55. Create a dream board with pictures, ideas and wishes on it.

56. Send at least one card or note to your best friend every month.

57. Create a CD of your favorite photos and songs and leave it with your important papers.

58. Take a nap in a hammock just after the grass has been cut.

59. Walk around a college campus in the Fall on a home football game weekend. Listen to the roar of the crowd.

60. Vote in every election and understand who and what you are voting for.

61. Find opportunities when a problem arises.
Nothing is ever as bad as you think it is.

62. Don't hold your breath, inhale and exhale slowly. Learn to relax.

63. Keep learning - read, take classes, find a mentor, attend conferences.

64. Don't keep others waiting, be on time or a few minutes early. Be patient with late comers.

65. Do not worship celebrities, you're nicer, friendlier, happier and won't be photographed while not wearing undies.

66. Climb a tree. Sit and enjoy the sounds below.

67. Sleep with a fan on even during the winter.

68. Pick a great diner and become a regular.

69. Sit on the beach and watch a magnificent sunset with your favorite song playing.

70. Have drinks in a small club while listening to a great jazz band.

71. Stay in bed and watch an old black and white movie on a snow day when school or work are canceled.

72. Keep a bubble gum machine in your house or office. Keep bubble gum in it.

73. Visit the grave of a close friend or relative and tell them how much you miss them. Leave a flower or note.

74. Stare at the stars on a warm summer country night until you spot a shooting star. Make a wish.

75. Cook dinner for someone else. Serve them and clean up the mess.

76. Watch the movie Rudy and think about how you can chase your own dreams.

77. Buy someone flowers out of the blue and include a message telling them they are an important person in your life.

78. Sleep on your couch with the fireplace burning and your windows open.

79. Create and name your own martini concoction, with or without alcohol.

80. Lose your ego but strengthen your confidence.

81. Write thank you notes anytime you receive a gift or are invited to a party.

82. Stop telling jokes that hurt and offend others.

83. Take someone to lunch on the same day every week.

84. Cry when you need to. Pray when you need to.

85. Buy a copy of the funniest movie you've ever seen and watch it at least once a month with a big bowl of popcorn.

86. Spend a few hours in a book store creating a wish list, give it out at Christmas.

87. Find a favorite hobby and turn it into a blog, update it often. Make money at it.

88. Live on less than you make, make enough to share with others.

89. Write your will and outline your wishes. Leave friends things to remember you by.

90. Embrace the fact that you are alive - don't forget the fact that it won't last forever.

. Avoid sunburns, hangovers and bad haircuts. Reward yourself when you do.

92. Keep smells around that remind you of happy memories. Use smells to create new memories.

93. Find at least one friend that has an old soul. Spend time with them.

94. Buy one piece of original art that you like and hang it in your home or office.

95. Appreciate the small things, like the ability to walk, to see, to make choices, to be free.

96. Pin up your favorite poster inside your closet.

97. Stay engaged in your favorite activities, never stop playing.

98. Carry a lucky charm whenever possible.

99. Search for lost friends on the Internet, you might be surprised at what you find.

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